Adventure Tour with Intrepid Travel

For every working man, business travels, traveling for leisure or even just plain traveling in the sense is a lifelong dream. Getting away from all responsibilities; even for a just a little while to celebrate, appreciate and experience the different wonders the world can offer can be the most rewarding thing ever. And what better way to be on a travel of a lifetime than being with the people most important to you on an adventure tour that all of you will never forget. This is the promise of Intrepid Travel’s small group travel style.

Go Places

Whether it may be roaming on the wild Australian Outback, traveling through India and visiting one of the most colorful province in the world which is Rajasthan, discovering one of the most ancient civilization the Inca’s when traveling to Peru or going coast to coast when traveling from Morocco’s snow capped mountains to the Saharan desert, there is never a dull moment with Intrepid Travel. And because Intrepid Travel offers traveling in a small group rather than with a bunch of people stacked in a single tour bus, you will be amazed on how intimate and real the travel experience will be.

With Intrepid Travel, you will experience what it is like living in a certain place (e.g. traveling, eating, sleeping) along with all the things that you need to experience both as a tourist and as a person because you will get to know what it feels like being a local living in a certain area all throughout your entire visit.

Travel Styles

With three different travel styles to choose from, you can be sure you will have the best kind of adventure tour ever with Intrepid Travel. The first style which is the Basix is perfect for people who want to travel even when on a budget. This style of travel keeps inclusions to an exact minimum and travelers will have the time to choose the different activities as well as extras that they would want to do.

The second style which is called the Original, offers a more diverse type of travel than the Basix only because it offers staying in hotels rather than just the plain sleep and go style of the first one. When you want to have a taste of everything when you are travelling, then Intrepid Travel’s Original is the best style for you to go.


To those who would want more inclusions when they travel, go on a higher standard of accommodation and get to larger and roomier vehicles when going on a trip, then Intrepid Travel’s third option which is called the Comfort would probably be the best one for you. These different styles however, even though they may differ in some little details, will have the opportunity to go on adventure activities that will surely highlight your visit

So however you would want your adventure tour to become, rest assured that you will surely enjoy it with Intrepid Travel. With the services that makes the trip unforgettable, you will really come back for more. and also can look out for this Europe tours as a good resource.